Do more deep work

FocusList is a daily planner & focus app based on Pomodoro technique. It helps you plan your day, stay focused and track your time.

Plan your perfect day

It all starts with planning the day. You wake up, make some coffee and think about what you're doing today. Our daily planner functionality is the best way to keep track of your battle plan for the day.

Write today's Focus List

Write down all the tasks for today. Split bigger tasks into smaller ones. Plan your day ahead and commit to do everything on your list.

Timebox each activity

For each task, mark your best estimate. FocusList will count everything and show what does your day look like.

Focus with the Pomodoro technique

Pick a task, do it for 25 minutes. Take a 5 minute break. That was one session. Keep going until the task is done.

Select task from your list

One thing at a time. Always select one task that you’ll be working on, and dedicate your session to it.

Work for 25 minutes

Spend the next 25 minutes to focus, focus, focus on your task. Distractions will wait till your break.

Take a 5 minute break

Take the break even if you still have energy. Assimilate what you’ve learned. Start another cycle refreshed.

Track time

FocusList comes with time tracker built in! Was it a good day? Ask your data. Just open Stats and look at the history of sessions/day, what times you worked, and how good were your estimates.